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Filmgear:  Chicago Film Equipment Rental


Thank you for choosing Filmgear, for your lighting and grip equipment needs.


Here you will find all the necessary rental information.  All forms can be sent via  email to:



Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Contract

To open an account or confirm an order, please complete our rental agreement. It is important that your production company info matches the production company listed on your insurance policy. The person signing the rental agreement must be authorized to sign on behalf of the production company.  Please read the rental agreement below.


Step 2: Deposit

Before releasing the equipment, we require a deposit for the amount of your insurance deductible or for the replacement value of the equipment (whichever is lower). The deductible is listed on your certificate of insurance. This amount will be held on your credit card as an authorization-only transaction.


Step 3: Insurance

We require that you have an insurance policy in place covering our equipment and FilmGear, for the duration of the rental. Please provide us proof of this coverage, naming FilmGear as “Certificate holder, Loss Payee and Additionally Insured” on a certificate of insurance.

See this sample CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE for reference.


Here is our company information for the certificate:

Filmgear, Inc.



Phone:  312-850-4900

Fax: 312-666-9460


Three types of coverage are required:

  1. General Liability

  2. Auto Coverage (non-owned & hired)

  3. Equipment property damage that covers the replacement value of rented equipment


Step 4: Payment 

Payment due at time of rental.  Upon approval, payment terms are net 30 days, except for out-of-state lessees who are C.O.D. at end of rental. A charge of 1.25% per month will be applied after 30 days. All accounts over 60 days are C.O.D. Some rentals may require payment in advance and a deposit.

Please remit payments to:

Filmgear, Inc.










We are happy and willing to make both deliveries and pickups of rented gear at an additional

cost. The cost for this is determined by the distance from our facility and time of pick up and delivery. Feel free to give us

an address and we can add it to the quote.


Rental Period:
Minimum rental period is one day.  Special rates are available for one week or longer rentals. 



FILMGEAR, INC. requires 24-hour notice of all cancellations. A one-day rental rate shall be charged for lack of advance notice. 


Damaged Equipment: 

In the event that any part of the equipment is destroyed, damaged, lost or stolen during the rental period, the LESSEE shall continue to pay rent until the equipment is replaced or repaired. The LESSEE will be given the opportunity, and is encouraged, to inspect and test the equipment prior to its rental. Thereafter, the LESSEE assumes full responsibility for all items rented until returned. Returning the equipment does not waive possible charges for abnormal maintenance and/or repair. At no time will rental prices accrue toward the purchase of any rental equipment. 

Globes and Per Use Equipment:

Spare globes and expendables are provided with certain rentals. No charge is assessed if the burned out globe or the unopened packaged expendables are returned with the rental. LESSEE shall be charged for any globe or expendable that is broken or in any way impaired as a result of LESSEE’S negligence.

1. Only drivers with CDL licenses will be allowed to drive the trucks. LESSEE is responsible for both driver and vehicle from portal to portal.
2. Local electricians and grips are available as drivers, if required.
3. Rental price of truck does not include driver's wages, oil, or mileage. LESSEE is responsible for tolls, permits, parking fees, and any parking violations. LESSEE is also responsible for vehicle from portal to portal and driver from actual on clock time to off clock time.

Generators and Electrical Distribution Systems:
1. Only qualified electricians and approved generator operators will be allowed to operate generators.
2. Rental price of the generator does not include driver's wages, fuel, oil, mileage or normal maintenance.
3. It's the sole responsibility of the LESSEE to insure that all generators and electrical distribution systems are grounded and run in accordance with the current National Electrical Code (Article 250) and any regional codes that may apply.
4. Generators must be shut down and not running when being refueled.
5. Generators are not to be used with any lightning producing devices without prior approval from FILMGEAR, INC.

We look forward to working with you.
If you have any questions about your start paperwork, please give us a call.  We would be happy to walk you through the process.
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